The Vault is a unique Room. It's size is fixed at 3x3 for normal dungeons, it stores mined Gold, and every Dungeon starts with one. Though it cannot be sold or moved, it can be upgraded at its constant size.

The Vault in the Heart of the Mountain is much larger. It is 17 tiles in size, and the Upgrades take up one of those tiles leaving 16 tiles for furniture or Gold stacks.

Daily Chest Editar

Arquivo:Daily Chest.png

The Consecutive Login Bonus provides a Chest which appears in the Vault of the Starter Dungeon. Players are eligible for the chest one time a day. The chest is available after level 10 and contains random resources.

Vault upgrades Editar

Level Upgrade Requirements Upgrade Time Benefits Accumulated Benefits
Level 1 N/A N/A none none
Level 2

20 Gold

50 Iron

1 minute
Level 3

250 Gold

2 400 Iron

800 Crystal

2 hours
Level 4

2 500 Gold

80 Steel Ingnot

40 Cold Iron Ingot

30 True Silver Ingot

4 hours
Level 5

7 000 Gold

100 True Silver Ingot

5 Adamantite Ingot

10 Mithril Ingot

8 hours

Benefits of increasing level replace the previous level and stack with the bonus from tiles.

Available Furniture Editar

Name Type Time Benefits Unlocking Research Required Building Crafting Cost
Jewel Case Vault 2 00:30 Stack Size: +100% Mechanical Essentials Workshop 2 50 Gold, 600 Iron, 1400 Crystal
Treasure Chest Vault 2 00:30 Stack Size: +100% D2 Mechanical Essentials Workshop 2 50 Gold, 1200 Iron, 600 Crystal
Steel Jewel Case Vault 3 04:00 Stack Size: +200% D12 Dimensional Warping Workshop 3 250 Gold, 20 Stell Ingot, 20 Primastic Glass, 1 True Silver Ingot
Stell Treasure Chest Vault 3 04:00 Stack Size: +200% D13 Inescapable Confinement Workshop 3 250 Gold, 10 Stell Ingot, 20 Reinforced Leather, 500 Primodial Ice
Mithril Jewel Case Vault 4 10:00 Stack Size: +400% D15 Principals of Battle Magic Workshop 4 750 Gold, 3 Mithril Ingot, 20 Prismatic Glass, 4 True Silver Ingot, 400 Ruby
Mithril Treasure Chest Vault 4 10:00 Stack Size: +400% D16 Advanced Combat Training Workshop 4 750 Gold, 30 Stell Ingot, 60 Reinforced Leather, 2000 Primodial Ice, 2 Mithril Ingot

Appearance Editar

Level Regular Vault Heart Vault
1 Arquivo:Vault1.PNG Arquivo:HeartVault1.PNG
Great Ball Better than a Poké Ball All versions

Level Regular Vault Heart Vault
1 455px 545px
2 455px 545px
3 455px 545px
4 455px 545px
5 455px 545px

Sources Editar

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