Conquering is one of the hardest, but most rewarding things to do in the game.

To Conquer is to take over another player's dungeon completely, including any rooms and furniture that dungeon contains that are not destroyed in the process.

Conquer Requirements Editar

  1. You must have researched Conquest Party .
  2. You must be able to and create a Sapper creature.
  3. You cannot send a conquer from a Starter dungeon.
  4. The sapper you are using to Conquer must be level 11
  5. You can only conquer the Heart of the Mountain Dungeon
    1. or a dungeon from an Inactive player.

Initiate a Conquer Editar

A Conquer gets initiated just like any other attack. If you have a sapper in the party the drop-down option for Conquer will appear where normally you might only see "Raid" or "Pilliage".

A Conquer always targets the Vault.

To conquer a dungeon, once you have everything ready, you go to the Overworld Map and then to the Dungeon you wish to try to take control of. You click on the normal Raid button. You then select the dungeon you wish to send your conquest from. You then select your creatures to send, making sure to include at least a Level 11 Sapper . You will want to select Conquer as your raid type at the top. You then select Attack!

How to Succeed in a Conquer Editar

  • In a successful conquer, the control of the dungeon will be reduced by 1%, for every level the attacking Sapper is, greater than 10
    • A Level 11 Sapper would reduce by 1%, a Level 12 would reduce by 2%, a Level 20 would reduce by 10%, etc.
  • Once the control value of a dungeon reaches 0, the attacker gains possession, with all remaining rooms, furniture, and storage
  • All Sapper creatures are consumed when successfully taking control of a dungeon
  • NOTE: Control value of the defending dungeon increases by 1%, per level of the Vault, every payday... so you have to have pretty high level sapper(s) and usually send multiple conquer attacks. if you want to conquer successfully!