Special Abilities Mine
Technology None
Base Mining Time 30/hour per Goblin
Resources n/a

Crystal is a mined resource. It is required to construct a number of rooms and items of furniture in a dungeon and to upgrade certain creatures. It is initially placed in the mine it was mined from, but is eventually transported to the storage room.

Crystal costs 8 gold per unit when purchased from the black market.

Used to make (crafted resources): Editar

Frosted Quartz
Goblin Twine
Mana Spark
Mithril Ingot
Prismatic Glass
Whirling Gizmos

Used to make (furniture): Editar

Ashen Fireplace
Coarse Mat
Crystal Ball
Dark Nook
Dining Table
Divination Crystal
Drafting Table
Ethereal Cube
Fire Pit
Jewel Case
Quiet Study
Rickety Cart
Slop Bucket
Storage Crates
Training Dummy
Treasure Chest
Ward of Containment
Warlock Bed

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