Special Abilities Mining
Resource collection
Resource delivery
Spawn Time Special
Technology None
Room None
Furniture None
Training n/a

A goblin is a player's ever-loyal, mindless servant. It is the "worker bee" of the game. It does everything from building rooms, mining, collecting and storing resoures, surveying other dungeons to transferring goods between dungeons or delivering items from the Black Market .

  • Every dungeon starts with a base amount of 3 goblins.
  • They do not consume food, nor need to be paid.
  • Goblins will never go on strike. If a dungeon has no farm, there will be a notification about hungry creatures and the hungry animation above the goblins, but they will continue to work.
  • Goblins do not have Happiness or Efficiency , so shocking them does nothing except provide the shock animation.

Obtaining additional goblins Editar

  • Research Minion Binding for +1 goblin in each dungeon.
  • Continue to gain experience until you reach level 24, where you will receive +1 goblin in each dungeon.
  • Upgrade the Den to level 4 for +1 goblin in that dungeon.
  • Upgrade the Vault to level 3 for +1 goblin in that dungeon.
  • Upgrade the Vault to level 4 for +2 extra goblins in that dungeon.
  • Upgrade the Vault to level 5 for another +2 goblins in that dungeon.
  • +1 goblin for every 5 levels of the "Goblin Village" mountain upgrade.
  • Buy the Goblin Boosts pack in the shop (using real money) for 3 additional goblins in the selected dungeon.
  • Rent +1 goblin in each dungeon for 1, 3 or 7 days at a time (using real money)