Spying allows players to see a target’s Creature types, levels, and Dungeon layout. When planning an attack, players will have the option to Spy. The target Room for a Spy Mission is always the Vault, and no Resources can be looted.

Only Thieves are eligible to Spy. Spying can only be done with one Thief at a time. If any other troops are present in the party, Spying will not be an option. There is a very good chance that targets of Spying will not receive any indication that a Spy Mission is being carried out against them.

During the Spy Mission, Thieves will try to bypass Traps. Certain Creatures with Stealth detection ability, have a chance to detect a Thief on a Spy Mission. If the Thief is detected, it will engage in Combat until he kills his attacker or decides to flee. Only the Creatures that detected the thief will attack the him, the other Creatures in the Dungeon will continue to ignore him.

After a successful Spy Mission, the target will not be notified they had a Spy Mission carried out against them, except in a rare 5% case that it was detected before it began. The initiating player will receive a full Battle Playback. They will also receive a list of Creatures, including those that are present as Reinforcements. Upon failure, the Target will receive a report on a spying attempt, just as he would with a normal attack

If the Spying mission is unsuccessful the initiating player receives no information.

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