Alliance Profiles can be accessed in a number of ways. If a player is already a member of an Alliance, they can view their own Alliance by selecting the Alliance tab on the top of the game screen.

Players can view other Overlord's Alliance Profiles, by selecting a specific player's Dungeon in the Overworld. The Alliance Tag will show in the details on the right side of the screen. Selecting an Alliance name from the Alliance Leaderboards will also show that Alliance's Profile.

From the Alliance Profile, there are many details and options:

  • All Alliance button, which goes to the Overall Alliance Leaderboard
  • Alliance Name and Tag
  • Number of Members
  • Total Overall Alliance Points
  • Overall Alliance Rank
  • The Leaders of the Alliance
  • Diplomacy, an upcoming Feature
  • Optional Alliance Description. This can be edited by Leaders, and others who have been give the permission to do so by Leaders.
  • Awards. These are medals awarded to the player. Hovering over each Medal will give information on the award.
  • Members. This will take players to a full member list of the Alliance. From there, players can view member names, their title in the Alliance, the number of Dungeons they have, their overall points, as well as the date the player was last seen. Leaders, and others who have been given permission to do so by Leaders, can edit members from this page. They can also accept Alliance applicants.

note If a player is the last Member of the Alliance, and is a Leader, they can choose to disband the Alliance with an option that will appear in the lower right corner