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Dogma is an iPhone/iPad or Android app that lets you pick up resources and more from your mobile app.

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DOGMA™, Dungeon Overlord Goblin Manager, gives players of Dungeon Overlord the ability to perform many common dungeon management tasks from a smartphone or tablet.

YOU WILL NEED A FREE DUNGEON OVERLORD ACCOUNT TO USE DOGMA! Get DOGMA™ for Dungeon Overlord™ Now!!! (available now)

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What is DOGMA for Dungeon Overlord™?

DOGMA is the Official Mobile Companion App to the Dungeon Overlord™ game on Facebook.

Dungeon Overlord Goblin Manager (DOGMA™) lets you manage your Dungeon while away from your computer. Free! ★ Never miss a Payday again! ★ Be Warned of Incoming Attacks! ★ Keep your creatures fed and off of Strike!


The app is be available NOW for Android and iPhone/iPad app store:

Features: • Connects with your existing Dungeons in Dungeon Overlord™ (both Classic and Infernal Abyss) • Event Manager: In-app listing of incoming attacks, completed activities, and other in-game events • Resource Manager: Collect Resources and Manage Mining Node activity • Shipping Manager: Ship Resources between your Dungeons and to Friend’s Dungeons • UPGRADE to the Full version of DOGMA to unlock 3 additional features (Crafting Manager, Creature Manager, and Research Manager)

Players can now quickly direct their Dungeon’s Goblins to collect resources, train creatures, craft items, and ship resources, while on the go. Players with the app will also be able to get very important notifications, such as incoming Player-vs-Player (PvP) attacks, directly on their mobile device.

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