Does 200 damage to all enemies in range. It is pretty effective for de-stealthing rogues. It also goes off whenever someone comes within 3 tiles of it. They don't have to walk over it, for it to go off. The fireball launched from the trap has a blast radius of 2 tiles from the impact tile, hitting all attackers within that 2 tile blast radius.

Trap Difficulty: 30
Trap Rearm: 12

Construction Requirements Editar

Data Editar

The data below exists in the Traps.xml and likely represents the trap trigger.

  • Range: 3
  • Cooldown: 10
  • Difficulty: 30
  • Damage: 200

The data below exists in the Abilities.xml and likely represents what happens after the trap is triggered.

  • Splash Range: 2
  • Cooldown: 5
  • Activation: 3