Taskmasters Editar

Overview Editar

The point of a taskmaster is to provide a bonus to a given room in a dungeon. Each friend on your friends bar is a possible taskmaster. However, the Taskmaster bonus is greater for more active players than for just random friends. Like all Friend related stuff in Dungeon Overlord, these people do not have to be your "real" friends to be on your friends bar or be taskmasters.

How to Assign Editar

In order to assign a taskmaster you must look at the room details of the target room. You can do this by clicking the Rooms side menu or clicking on the room itself and selecting details. Once you are there, you can select the "Add Taskmasters" graphic, and choose which friend from your friends list shall be the taskmaster (and give the indicated bonus!). See image below:

Arquivo:Assign taskmaster.png

Taskmaster Levels Editar

The level of a taskmaster can be 1 to 5.

* 1 = has played, but not logged in in a while.
* 2 = has played, logs in occasionally
* 3 = has played, and plays often
* 4 = has played, and is a loyal regular
* 5 = uber player

Taskmaster Benefits Explained Editar

The benefits vary based on the room type, typically a small boost (like 2% Research boost per level of the taskmaster). The number listed in the Assign Taskmaster is "per taskmaster level".

List of Taskmaster Benefits Editar

Alchemist Lab Editar

5% Crafting Speed Bonus * Taskmaster Level

Arena Editar

5% Training Speed Bonus * Taskmaster Level

Coven Editar

3% Demon Damage Boost * Taskmaster Level

Crypt Editar

3% Undead Damage Boost * Taskmaster Level

Den Editar

3% Ogre and Orc Damage Boost * Taskmaster Level

Elements Confine Editar

10% Storage Boost * Taskmaster Level

Forge Editar

5% Crafting Speed Bonus * Taskmaster Level

Guard Post Editar

Demon, Undead, and Huminoids Get +10% Awareness and 5% Damage Boost * Taskmaster Level

Library Editar

2% Research Bonus * Taskmaster Level

Mine Editar

2% Mining Rate Bonus * Taskmaster Level

Portal Room Editar

5% Shipment Amount Bonus * Taskmaster Level

Prison Editar

NO bonus currently!

Proving Ground Editar

5% Training Speed * Taskmaster Level

Slug Farm Editar

5% Food Production Rate * Taskmaster Level

Spellcasting Chamber Editar

5% Training Speed Bonus * Taskmaster Level

Storage Room Editar

10% Bonus Storage Space * Taskmaster Level

Tavern Editar

10% Food Storage Bonus * Taskmaster Level

Temple Editar

3% Damage Boost for Dark Elf and Dark Priestess * Taskmaster Level

Vault Editar

10% Extra Stack Size * Taskmaster Level

Workshop Editar

5% Crafting Speed Bonus * Taskmaster Level

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