How to Contribute to this Wiki Editar

Please do! Editar

We would love to have your help to keep this up to date and relevant!

Process Editar

  • First, please contact our community team [[1]] with your desire to contribute. Assuming you are a human, and you have some standing in our Forums, you will be allowed to edit and create pages. [although this permission can be revoked if needed].
  • Second, we will set your permission accordingly.
  • Third, there is 1 funky thing: in order to upload images, you first have to edit any page just once in a session. [its a browser security thing]. Just add (or delete) a "space" to this page at the end and you will be able to upload images/media.

Rules Editar

Once you are approved to add/edit content, you will be allowed to edit and create pages. Please follow these few rules.

0. The obvious: no profanity, nudity, spam, etc. If you see that stuff, please delete it and report the offender to (we will ban that kind of user).

1. Don't give too much opinion, unless you first create a NEW page called "Player Opinion on Topic X", and then label it as opinion with your forumname.

2. Don't cause damage or misleading data (be sure!)!

3. Any problems should be addressed to

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