Goblin Keeper is an Adobe Flash browser-based real-time strategy game. The game is owned and developed by Night Owl Games and hosted on platforms, such as Facebook.

Players must take up the role of one of many Dungeon Overlords. They are the master of a horde of Goblins, Witches, Warlocks, Dragons and Ogres, and it is their goal to research, build, bludgeon and conquer their way to world domination, either with the help of their fellow Overlords... or over their dead bodies!

Gameplay Editar

New players are given a single starter Dungeon with nothing but a ruined hallway, an empty vault and a few Goblins. Through an interactive tutorial, players are taught how to raise rooms from the molten rock, how to feed their Goblins and attract fearsome Orcs. They learn how to extract minerals from the earth and use them to craft the items they need to make their dungeon bigger, their creatures stronger, and their enemies afraid.

While they whip their Goblins and their Orcs, Warlocks will unlock the dark secrets of the underworld. They will research how to infuse creatures with unholy power, attract ancient monsters from the dawn of time and build glorious temples to the Dark Gods.

Eventually players will have amassed an army large enough to take revenge on their Nemesis: the loathsome Overlord responsible for destroying their original dungeon! If they are successful, they may start expanding, conquering other dungeons and gaining power, until all creatures big and small tremble at the sound of their name.